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Shelves | Living area
Shelves with led Maronese ACF Lux bronze brass
750,00  VAT included

Design shelves: functionality and aesthetics

In the living area, study or bedroom: shelves are a piece of furniture capable of completely transforming the walls of a room. Available in different shapes, materials and colours, they are perfect for storing books, photo frames, candles and ornaments, creating space in a functional and aesthetic way.
Discover our selection of designer shelves and shelves and find the perfect solution for your home.
Enhance the aesthetics of your spaces with our LED backlit design shelves. Made with craftsmanship and attention to detail, our collection of shelves represents the perfect marriage between functionality and modern style.
The shelves are equipped with LED lighting, which gives them a unique elegance. Thanks to the soft and uniform light that diffuses from the back, your decorations, precious objects or collections come to life, creating a suggestive and captivating atmosphere. Choose from a variety of styles and finishes to find the perfect shelf that fits your environment.
Whether you want to create a modern minimalist atmosphere or want a touch of luxury and sophistication, our LED backlit designer shelves are the ideal choice.

Transform your spaces into a fascinating and luminous scenario, where design and lighting blend harmoniously to create a unique experience.